Privacy Policy


According to the GDPR I do not collect or process personal data. This report is entirely voluntary from my side to aid transparency.

What data is collected

Base statistics

Unless you have adblockers (like uBlockOrigin) installed I get a notification that someone visited my page. The only data that is sent and stored is data provided by your browser voluntairly. This includes your IP address, when the visit happened, which browser you are using, which operating system you are using and on what page you are.

Your IP address is usually mostly anonymous as is. That means, unless I cooperate with a large tracker like Google or your Internet Provider, I can not identify you using your IP-address. Also usually your IP address changes quite often. For me personally every day. However as an added layer of anonymisation the address gets chopped in half. It's like knowing only the postal code but not the street and house number. Also this method does not track you. I.e. if you visit the page again I will not be able to tell that you visited me before.

Detailed statistics

If you opt-in to anonymized tracking via the checkbox at the bottom of the page I get a few more details. Like how long you spend on which site, which links you click and what resolution your device has. Also a cookie is set that is used to later identify you when you visit the page again. This means you will be tracked.

Data security

My server is hosted in Germany at Strato. All data you send is only send via a secure channel and security best practices are implemented to prevent external access. Apart from me personally nobody has access to that data and there are no third parties involved. However I might share aggregated data. This might sounds a bit scary but only means that I might share things like how often my page was visited.

If you did not opt-in, all the stored data is anonymous anyhow so there is no way that anyone could identify you from only the data that is stored. If you did opt in then the stored data is pseudonymous. Meaning if anyone has access to your identifier that is stored in the cookie they could track you. However browsers only allow access to cookies from the same page so there is no practical way to use that data for anybody except for me.


If you see the checkbox for opting in then you are already opted out of tracking. Otherwise click the button with the label "Revoke Consent" that appeared in its place. You are then no longer tracked. While it is possible to delete collected data it is rather difficult. Since I don't know who you are I can not tell which data comes from you so you will have to send me the identifier stored in the cookie. Send me a mail and I talk you through how to access the cookie and also delete your data.

In case the cookie was deleted then I will not be able to access your data since it has become fully anonymous. Twice a year (every 6 month) the data is deleted anyhow and only remains as aggregated results. Meaning I can only see how many visits I got or how many of those visits were done by which browser but I can no longer access individual visits.

Additional Info

I think that privacy is important. Even so much so that I do things I don't need to. For example this privacy policy. This privacy policy is not here because some legislation requires it (really; I don't have to do this) but because I think privacy and informed consent are important. That is why I don't do pop-ups that require you to grant cookies before accessing the site or use third parties like Google Analytics. If you are interested in more details about the technical details, feel free to message me and I'll gladly tell you more about it.